Class Schedule


5:15-6:15pm- Yin Yoga with Ronnie


2:00-2:45pm- Qigong with Curran

5:30-6:45pm- Vinyasa Yoga with Jesse


7:00-8:30pm- Meditation*

Hosted by Menlha Kadampa Buddhist Center

*$12 Drop-InĀ 


9:30-10:45am- Vinyasa Yoga with Corinne

Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga

This yoga class focuses on slow movements and deep breathing where you allow the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and bones to open through each yoga pose. These passively long- held poses give you time to breathe into this deep tissue bringing the energy the tissue needs to heal. This gentle class specializes in yoga for beginners and those that have movement limitations or are not as flexible, but also helps those very familiar with yoga practice to deepen their understanding and connection to their bodies. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, but we also provide them.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class provides a smooth meditative flow that harmonizes mind, body and breath. It is a rhythmically styled class that strengthens the muscles, tendons and joints while releasing excess tensions and calming the mind. Vinyasa refers to a specific sequence of yoga exercises starting standing (mountain pose) and ending holding your body up with your arms and legs on the mat (downward dog). By integrating the subtle & physical systems of the mind & body, this practice promotes overall well-being & produces a heightened state of spiritual awareness, including improving digestion, lowering back pain, and lowering stress. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, but we also provide them.


Qigong is a healing practice of movement, considered the father of Tai Chi. Move from your center with the breath using mental imagery while creating space in the joints and experience the flow of chi. The exercises are simple, from a standing position. Improve balance, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, clear the mind and have more energy with the practice of this ancient form of movement. This class is great for all ages and those wishing to improve their overall health & well-being.