Essential Oils & Hormonal Support

Thursday, May 23 from  7-8:30pm  $15

Join Joanna Chodorowska for an informative and interactive evening discussing hormonal balance using essential oils. Women have to endure hormonal changes during their monthly cycle as well as during the phase of peri-menopause and menopause. During this session, we will review not only essential oils and blends to help with PMS, hot flashes, cramping and fatigue, but also some nutritional know how so you can arm yourself with the best tools to balance hormones to eliminate symptoms.

Sound Bath Meditation

Thursday, June 13 from  7-8:30pm  $25

Sound is all around us. How are you receiving it. Come explore the chakras through sound. Experience the spiritual steps we all take to develop and open the chakras as Colin Flegeal fills the room with the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, didgeridoos, native flute, gongs and more.

Essential Oils & Inflammation

Thursday, June 27 from  7-8:30pm  $15

Join Joanna Chodorowska for an evening of exploring the causes of inflammation and using essential oils and nutrition for support. Unresolved inflammation creates pain, GI distress, joint stiffness, headaches and foggy thinking to name a few.  Inflammation has been identified as the main contributor to cardiovascular disease, auto-immune issues and degenerative conditions commonly associated with aging. We will review how specific essential oils can support your body’s response and lessen the inflammation.  

How To Make Soap 

Sunday, July 7  from  1:30-3:30pm  $40

Learn about making soap with Barbara Myers, the history of soapmaking, the ingredients & equipment, the benefits of making your own soap & where to purchase everything you need to make soap. You will make a batch of soap, that you will take home.


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