Fall Into Wellness Workshop

Thursday, October 17  from  6:30-8:30pm  $35 presale Oct 5/$40 after

Join Jeanette Guerrelli and Stacey Blum, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, for a workshop on how these 4 pillars of health—Nutrition, Stress, Sleep and Movement—are intertwined and affect the health of your mind, body and spirit.  We will provide education, tips and tools to guide you on reaching your best in each pillar. We will touch on nutrition, including gut health and hormone balance, the effects of stress on the body, the importance of quality sleep and movement. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and answering questions to work towards achieving overall health!!

Essential Oils For Inflammation

Thursday, October 24  from  7-8:30pm  $15 presale/$20 at door

We invite you to join Joanna Chodorowska for an evening of of exploring the causes of inflammation and using essential oils and nutrition for support. Inflammation is a natural part of healing. Inflammation becomes unfavorable and unhealthy when it becomes chronic, lasting from weeks to months to years. Unresolved inflammation creates pain, GI distress, joint stiffness, headaches and foggy thinking to name a few.

Creative Soul Journaling

Saturday’s: Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23 & Dec 7  12:00-2:00pm  $50/Class    Bring a Friend & Receive 10% OFF

Join Lisa Santa Barbara in this series of 4 classes. This class is for those who have a strong desire to know the answers to their deepest questions by accessing their own inner wisdom. It is a specialized form of self-inquiry, my powerful process takes you on a journey to the experiential inner wisdom of your Soul, you will learn tools and techniques to access and form a relationship with this Universal Source that resides in each one of us.  

RSVP Required 215.646.2410

If you are looking for an intimate space to host a wellness event or workshop, please contact us to talk!